Fabienne DelSol - No Time For Sorrows LP (white vinyl)

Fabienne DelSol - No Time For Sorrows LP (white vinyl)

Fabienne DelSol - No Time For Sorrows LP (Damaged Goods/UK)

Listening Notes: Mod neo-60s garage pop, Lightning's girl going ye-ye, Meek girl group productions, welcomed reissues of top notch debut albums, lite-psych janglers, vintage inspired vixens, Merseybeat revisited, hits under three minutes, and surf guitars paired with a charming French accent.

Mood: One day, you'll be the one who cries

They Say:

French-born vocalist Fabienne Delsol started her career as lead singer of the beat group-obsessed Bristols, then branched out on her own with a sound that started off in similar fashion but with some psychedelia and French pop added to the mix. Delsol was born and raised in Limoges, a city in central France best known for producing porcelain and oak barrels; she was more interested in music, particularly rock & roll and Serge Gainsbourg, so in 1996 she moved to London. She soon struck up a friendship with Liam Watson, one of the founders of Toe Rag Studios, an analog recording facility favored by many on the London garage and beat revival scenes. Watson was looking to start a band, and while Delsol didn’t have much experience as a vocalist, he persuaded her to audition. Watson liked what he heard, and Delsol quickly became the lead singer for the Bristols. The combo earned an estimable reputation on the U.K. garage scene and released three singles and two LPs before splitting up in 2003.

Delsol wasted no time establishing a solo career after the breakup; with Watson producing, she released her first solo album, No Time for Sorrows, in the fall of 2004. The album was a mix of covers and new songs penned by Pete Molinari, George Miller, and Peder Bernhardt with a crisper sound than the Bristols, hints of psychedelia, and a tune in French.