The Gymslips - Rocking with the Renees LP + 7" (colored vinyl)

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The Gymslips - Rocking with the Renees LP + 7" (colored vinyl)

The Gymslips - Rocking with the Renees LP + 7" (Optic Nerve/UK)

Listening Notes: '80s uk post-punk, '60s infused girl group Oi, mod, Lad-ette culture, three part harmonies on the playground, East End boozing, and street corner feminists.

Mood: Casual dining: pie & mash along with a side of freshly pressed denim

Deluxe gloss laminated gatefold reissue with bonus 7", The Silly Egg EP; half red and half turquoise vinyl with a white vinyl 7"; includes printed inner sleeve.

They Say:

East London's The Gymslips -- Paula Richards, Suzanne Scott, and Karen Yarnell -- barged their way onto the post punk scene in 1981. They openly embraced drinking, Pie & Mash, monkey boots, and double denim right from the start. Often credited with being the first female Oi! band, but they brought so much more to the table with their punky '60s influenced girl pop. Formed in 1980, the Gymslips started playing live the following year, and opened for Dolly Mixture on a 1981 UK tour. The band referred to themselves as "Renees" a late '60s term for mod girls, the same subculture that named boys "Ronees". Drummer Karen Yarnell told the NME that a "Renee was a girl who got as much shagging done as a bloke while also matching him for pint drinking, fag smoking, nose-picking, farting and the wearing of skinhead style double denim." They recorded five sessions for the John Peel show, after signing to Abstract Records their first single was a cover of Suzi Quatro's "48 Crash", which was released in 1982. The following year they released their sole album Rocking With The Renees along with two further singles "Big Sister" and "Robot Man". After Karen Yarnell left to join Serious Drinking, this ended the Gymslips. Although, they were to return two years later with a new line-up to release their final single "Evil Eye".